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S.P.2.i. was founded in 1977.

Acquired by a group of shareholders in 1997, the company today has four main activities.

  • Distributing passive electronic components
  • Distributing network and telecommunications products
  • Manufacturing, upon request, specific cables
  • Manufacturing connectors

S.P.2.i. is part of a group, without direct legal ties, but held by the same sharholders.

IQC International and IQC India are specialized in connectors and bring to S.P.2.i. their knowledge in this area and their international contacts.

M.E.M.O. (Manufacture Electronique et Mécanique Occitane) exploits several patents and distribute a number of brands of energy converters. M.E.M.O. is our manufacturing site for connectors.

33, rue de l'Eglise
31330 ONDES

Téléphone : (33) 5 62 79 27 47 Télécopie.: (33) 5 61 82 22 30

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